8gb iPhone, iPod TouchThe 8GB versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch has been sold out and Apple will not longer ship more of them. The 8GB versions of the two devices has reached end-of-life status, at least in the U.K. Apple will now concentrate on higher capacity versions of the device. A new iPhone is also expected to be unveiled in June.

This is official folks, announced by Apple in a short letter. Though, apparently, one cannot buy the 8GB versions online there are some available in stores. I don't know about you, but I don't need to be carrying around 16GB of files with me. What do you think? Do you think low-capacity iPhones are irrelevant?

How about us poor Canadians? The British are already discontinuing the iPhone and were still waiting for some news on a Rogers iPhone for Canada.

Update: It seems that Apple was making room for the iPhone with 3G.