Nokia Korean MarketNokia rules the world cellphone market but in Korea, the King of cellphones is just another brand trying or not trying to get a foothold. Nokia's latest foray into the land of Samsung and LG comes courtesy of SK Telecoms, which may be selling Nokia phones by the end of the year.

Korea is the third most important Asian market for handsets and has one of the most advanced wireless connectivity in the world. Besides Korean brands, only Motorola has enjoyed the attention of tech-savvy Koreans. This is the cellphone giant's third attempt to conquer the Korean market. The last time, it achieved a mere 1% of all cellphones sold. Though Nokia maintains a manufacturing plant, all products go to markets outside the country. The recent introduction of W-CDMA technology in Korea may help open up things for Nokia, who can offer competitive pricing for handsets supporting this type of 3G technology.