air france allows cellphone in-flightIt's been coming for some time and now it's official in Europe: cellphones are now comme il faut on European airplanes. Air France was the first airline to offer cell service during flights. It's way expensive and supposedly very slow and choppy, $5 isn't unreachable. How it works is that when someone on board a plane during flight he can sometimes make a connection on ground-based phones but calls from below to the passenger is rerouted through voicemail. Lufthansa is a little hesitant, though:

"Our passengers have told us that they don't want to have the noise on board," said Thomas Jachnow, a spokesman for Lufthansa, which is based in Frankfurt. "They say, 'There will be mobiles ringing and people talking, and meanwhile I have to sleep because I have to be relaxed for a business meeting the next morning,'" he said. "They don't want to be disturbed."