Samsung is a manufacturer thinking seriously about pushing the world of communication further. They've just filed a patent on a technology that allows sign commands on a phone. Here is Samsung's own words about this breakthrough:

“A handheld gesture recognition control apparatus and its method are provided for a mobile phone. The input method of the present invention includes collecting a plurality of images; storing the images as control images; mapping the control images to corresponding control commands; capturing an image taken by a camera as a current image; comparing the current image to the control images; selecting one of the control images as a target control image according to a comparison result; extracting a control command mapped to the target control image; and executing the control command.”

Samsung's patent makes use of a handset's built-in camera and allows users to navigate a menu. Now, there are probably better ways to navigate a menu but imagine if this technology could be developed to help the mute talk on a phone.

samsung sign language recognition software