HTC Shadow 2HTC's Shadow 2 is sleeker than its predecessor or, for that matter, any HTC phone in recent memory (check out the ones we have in our archive).

The first HTC Shadow was not a bad slider, but after its initial stint in the rumor mill before launch the Shadow's desirability fizzled right after launch. We have no idea why. Our expert's page give us an above-average rating of the Shadow. Maybe it's the Windows Mobile operating system. Maybe it's the lackluster feature set. It has WiFi, but the lack of 3G and an average camera made sure it wouldn't make it into people's must-haves gadget list.

The second-generation Shadow may not have 3G as well. Rumored features such as MyFaves and Hotspot@Home is definitely good news. Best feature of the Shadow 2 in my book? The Palm Centro-like design. Though Shadow 2 will probably have a bigger form factor,, not to mention the additional slide-out keypad, it's to date HTC's sleekest handset.