GreatCall Outs Samsung-Made Jitterbug Plus, For Folks Who Want A Phone Without All The Smarts
Adding features to a senior-friendly phone kind of defeats the purpose, but a sleeker design, improved battery life and boosted speaker? Sure, we'll take it. That's what you'll get with the new Jitterbug Plus, a bare-bones mobile phone for users who really only need to make and receive calls, and perhaps check the occasional voicemail. Manufactured by Samsung, the no-frills r220 includes an incredibly straightforward interface, with clearly marked Yes and No button options and large, backlit keys, including a panic button that puts you in touch with a 5Star Urgent Response agent.

Jitterbug Plus

Ice Cream Sandwich Passes 10% of Android Installations, As Jelly Bean Launch Draws Closer
The latest distribution data from Android’s developer team reveals that the installation rate of its latest Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) flavour has passed 10 percent of active devices on the market for the first time. Adoption of ICS (Android 4.0) has continued to grow, and is up from 7.1 percent in June, but the ratio of devices it powers remains low against the total number of phones that Google classifies as ‘active’ in the market place.
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The Apple / Google / Facebook Message War Starts Now
We’re on the cusp of a global conflict that will see the three most powerful consumer Internet companies fighting to win control of interpersonal communication. The war will pit Facebook’s unified Chat / Messages / Email vs Apple’s cross-device iMessage system vs. Google’s Gmail / GChat / Hangouts. If one emerges as the definitive victor, it could sway the future of digital human interaction.

Koodo Confirms The Nokia Lumia 610 Will Be Available Friday, July 6th
Koodo confirmed the Nokia Lumia 610 will be the next device to hit its lineup, making this entry level their first Windows Phone 7 powered handset. It’ll be available this coming Friday (July 6th), but they are keeping quiet about the price. However, an internal doc we posted suggested that Koodo will price this at $175 outright.