Bell’s Upcoming LG Optimus L5 To Be $199.95 Outright
Last week we let you know that Bell has plans to release the entry-level LG Optimus L5 on July 10th. This Android device is still on track and we now have the confirmed no-term pricing for you: $199.95. No word yet on the other contract pricing, but hopefully it’ll fall to $0 on a 3-year. A refresher of the L5 specs have it coming with OS 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (no word on if a Jelly Bean upgrade yet), a 4-inch display that has a resolution of 480×320, 5MP camera (VGA video recording), 800Mhz processor and a 1500mAh battery.

LG Optimus L5

RIM Is Hurting, But It’s Not Dead Just Yet
There’s been plenty said about RIM since it released its rough fiscal financials a few days ago, just about all of it negative. It’s hard not to be, honestly — the company reported its first operating loss in eight years, announced that a full 5,000 employees would be getting the axe, and topped it all off by revealing that the first BlackBerry 10 devices wouldn’t hit the market until the beginning of 2013.

Apple Bids Farewell to Paid Cloud Service MobileMe
Apple retired on Sunday its paid cloud service MobileMe, following a several year process led by former CEO Steve Jobs to pack up the product for good. The company announced last year that it would be closing MobileMe and urged users to move their accounts to iCloud, Apple’s first big push to unify its product lines with online storage.

Instagram Photo Page Receives A Facelift, Adds Comments
Instagram recently updated its Photo Page website and gave users the ability to interact with photos from their computers. The website, which now features a blue-and-white theme to match the app, allows users to log in and edit their profiles, follow new friends and like and comment on different photos. The Instagram website still does not have a main hub, and users can only view photos by clicking on external links.