Smartphone Market To Grow 38% In Q2 2012
Market research firm Strategy Analytics now projects that smartphone shipments will grow 38% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2012, although the firm cautions that growth could stall in the coming months due to economic conditions in the Eurozone, North America and Asia. However, the firm also expects smartphone shipments to bounce back later in the year when Apple releases the newest version of the iPhone and when more and more customers upgrade their current devices to devices with 4G LTE connectivity.

iPhone 4

BlackBerry Users: Foursquare Update Now Available
On Tuesday, Foursquare announced on its blog that the new update of the app (which has been out for more than two weeks for iPhone and Android users) is now available for BlackBerry owners. People with BlackBerrys will now see the new app, which Foursquare says has been “streamlined” to make it easier to access the different features — and, of course, always be able to check-in with a couple taps.

Qualcomm SDK Promises Consumers Reasons To Stick With Snapdragon
In the first move of Qualcomm’s annual big event, the company has released an SDK for mobile developers intended to bring the very best app experiences for Android users the world over. According to the San Diego-based mobile chip manufacturer at Uplinq 2012, the idea is to encourage software makers to unlock the potential that lies within Snapdragon smartphones to create a “killer user experience”.

Zynga Reaches 22 Million Daily Active Users On Mobile, Announces Partners Program
Zynga’s chief mobile officer David Ko said that the company has reached 22 million daily active users on mobile. If you consider that Zynga has about 53 million daily active users on Facebook, it’s a pretty strong sign that the company is diversifying on the Facebook platform. On top of that, the company announced a new partners program that will let third-party developers reach its network. Atari, Phosphor Games, Crash Lab and others are initial partners.