Nokia Air Promo Surfaces, Teases What Could Have Been
In some alternate timeline, droves of Nokia fans are enjoying seamless cloud syncing on Symbian handsets. Here on Earth-One, however, we'll have to settle for watching a leaked preview of the syncing service that never was. The Nokia Air promo (after the break) promises a service that lets you "experience everywhere" by serving your devices from the ever-present cloud.

Nokia Air

Samsung Expects Sales Of The Galaxy S3 To Pass 10 Million During July
Mobile giant Samsung has said that it expects that cumulative global sales of its the Galaxy S III, its latest flagship smartphone, will pass 10 million units during next month, as it begins to see the effects of launching in the US and other significant markets.
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Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Rooted Prior To Release
Both variants of the Galaxy S III, the SGH-i747 and SGH-T999, have been rooted prior to their Canadian releases. The devices were launched in the US last week and, due to a slight delay, will arrive on Wednesday up here, but anyone looking to get in with the hacking crowd won’t need to wait.

Facebook Launches Mobile Feature ‘Find Friends Nearby’
Facebook has launched a new feature for mobile, Find Friends Nearby, which will help you find people in your vicinity. This will come in handy if you meet, for example, a John Smith and would like to add him on Facebook without being confused by the hundreds of other Facebook users with that name.