TELUS Shuffles The No-Term Pricing Of The Upcoming Galaxy S III
When the Samsung Galaxy S III launch date was announced TELUS’ business site posted the complete price points. They also gave the option to pre-order with the prices ranging for the 16GB version of $159.99 on a 3-year to $679.99 outright. The 32GB version was priced at $209.99 on a 3-year to $749.99. A step in the right direction has happened as the no-term pricing has dropped a bit, now hitting $649.99 for the 16GB and $699.99 for the 32GB.

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Jabra’s Supreme UC: 1 Bluetooth Headset Pairing Flawlessly With 2 Devices
Apparently it’s that time of year when I review a bunch of Bluetooth headsets. The latest that I have for you is a unique solution from Jabra, called the Supreme UC. Its twist is that it pairs with two different devices, so you can use it for PC calls and then easily flip over to a regular phone call as well. It charges via micro-USB, so you’ll get a singular cable, plus a car charger and wall adapter.
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Microsoft And Nokia Bring Enhanced Traffic Data To Windows Phone, Announce International Plans
Cross-pollination is a beautiful thing. In the natural world, it brings bountiful harvests and pretty flowers. In the mobile world, we benefit from the sharing of ideas and technologies. Case in point is Windows Phone, as Microsoft has just announced that it's adopted traffic information from Nokia into the Maps app of its mobile OS. In addition to providing Windows Phone users in the US with more detailed overviews of traffic flows and congestion, the functionality will soon become available for many cities across the globe.

Can Mobile Panic Buttons Replace Public Emergency Phone Systems?
There are tons of emergency alert apps on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms, but MyForce is uniquely effective. Here’s why — other GPS security apps such as Silent Bodyguard or the Red Panic Button send messages to the users’ phone contacts. The MyForce app, on the other hand, sends reports to 24/7 alarm monitors who will connect to 911 dispatchers after an emergency is validated.