HTC One X Gets Unofficial Builds Of CyanogenMOD 9 And AOKP
Slowly but surely the North American version of the HTC One X is catching up to its international Tegra 3 counterpart. In recent days working builds of CyanogenMOD 9 and AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) have cropped up for the flagship phone, and while there are a few things still not working properly, video recording being the biggest, we’re finally able to see the development light at the end of the tunnel.


Samsung To Acquire Nokia? Why We Don’t Buy It For A Second
Samsung Electronics is rumored to be preparing a bid for one of its rivals, flailing phone manufacturer Nokia, according to Finnish media. The crazy rumors are boosting Nokia’s share price, which has taken so many hits over the years that I like to think of it as a used boxing ball.
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Tablets And Smartphones Are Turning Handheld Gaming Devices Into A Niche
A new study from ABI Research found that Sony and Nintendo are struggling against the rise of smartphones and tablets in gaming. The two companies are expected to ship more than 38 million handheld gaming devices in 2013, a number significantly lower than the previous peak of 47 million units in 2008. Shipments after 2013 are expected to continue to decline, and the firm says handheld gaming devices will only survive as a niche, while smartphone and tablet sales continue to increase.

Motorola’s Next Super Phone Leaked: Meet Verizon’s Droid RAZR HD
The Droid RAZR HD is coming. It’s yet to be announced, but several leaks foretell its coming. And the next Droid is set to go spec-to-spec with the Samsung Galaxy S III. This thing looks killer. The leaked pics show a device clearly born of the same DNA responsible for Motorola’s hottest Android models. The backside appears to be made of carbon fiber like the RAZR and RAZR MAXX. There are microUSB and microHDMI ports on the device’s side like on the Droid X/X2 and Bionic.