Motorola MOTOLUXE Launching in Canada Sometime “in Q2″
The Motorola MOTOLUXE is coming to Canada and will be available sometime “in Q2.” There’s no carrier listed in the press release, but we posted that this Android powered device should be hitting both Bell and Virgin. Moto states that the Motoluxe “keeps you entertained and connected with a dynamic new interface that learns what you like and adapts to help you do tasks faster.”


Apple and Samsung Stole All Q1 Mobile Phone Profits
Apple and Samsung each reported record first-quarter results last week and according to research conducted by one analyst, the companies combined to account for all mobile industry profits last quarter. Apple last week reported $11.6 billion in profit on $39.2 billion in sales, both second fiscal quarter records for Apple, and Samsung managed a best-ever profit of $4.5 billion in the same quarter, $3.9 billion of which came from its IT & Mobile Communications business.

LG Launches LG Cloud, Blows Raspberries At S-Cloud
Four days before the purported launch of Samsung's cloud service, Korea's other technology giant has unveiled LG Cloud. The eponymous service offers 5GB free space as standard, while owners of LG's Smart TVs or smartphones will get 50GB free for six months. It'll push content between your devices, appropriately compressed for the medium, so high definition images on your TV will be slimmed down to save your phone's data cap.

Nokia May Sell Its Luxury Brand Vertu to a Private Equity Group
When your credit rating begins to fall, it’s not too bad an idea to look for new sources of cash. Also, shearing off non-core assets can help with focus, when your company is mostly moving sideways. And if you can cut out something unneeded, and raise funds at the same time, that would be quite the boost. Nokia could use a bit more cash, to shore up the fears of investors who worry about its ability to meet its obligations. The company, according to the Financial Times, is in talks to sell its Vertu subsidiary in the United Kingdom for a large sum: some €200 million.