Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE Launching May 3rd
Just yesterday Bell announced that the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE would be coming to Canada “in coming weeks,” but we’ve got a bit more info for you today. This is another LTE device that’s been categorized as a “Superphone” and at launch will run OS 2.3, but has been promised an upgrade to 4.0 “in coming months.”

Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE

Latest Rumors Peg An LTE iPhone For An October Release, LiquidMetal To Be Used For The Casing
Gene Munster, analyst for Piper Jaffray, stated that chipmaker Qualcomm is gearing up to supply the LTE chipset. However, per Qualcomm’s CEO yesterday, unpredicted demand has caused supply issues. Munster believes this sets Apple up to launch the iPhone in October, conveniently a year after the iPhone 4S’ announcement.

RIM Patent Application Describes Rotating Keypad That Can Be Used in More Than One Position
We've seen smartphones with keypads that can spin away from the screen before, but RIM seems to have something slightly different in mind with this patent application that was filed back in 2010 and just published today. It describes a device with a keypad that's coupled at one corner, but which can remain operable in at least two positions, or potentially three.

Instagram Has ‘Jumped the Shark,’ Says Top Apple Exec
The $1 billion photo-sharing app Instagram — once named “app of the year” by Apple — has now “jumped the shark,” according to Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller. What got Schiller so upset? Instagram launched its Android version earlier this month. In the first five days, the Android app saw five million users sign up. That’s not huge compared to the 30 million iPhone users, but the rate of growth was stunning — and strongly contributed to Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to offer Kevin Systrom $1 billion for the app.