Koodo Comes Out With a $50/Month Canada-Wide Data Plan
Not really sure when this happened, but it seems that Koodo has come out with a new plan. For $50/month you can sign yourself up for the Canada-Wide Data Plan. This gives you 1GB of data, 150 minutes, Caller ID, Voicemail and Unlimited Text & Picture messaging.

Galaxy Pocket

Samsung Announces Cutesy Galaxy Pocket with 2.8-inch Display, Coming 'Later This Year'
Space will always have room for another galaxy, and your pocket should equally have room for this little piece of Android 2.3 TouchWizadry. The Galaxy Pocket has just been announced in London and will arrive in the UK "later this year," bearing a 2.8-inch screen with a 240 x 320 (QVGA) resolution, an 800MHz processor, 3GB of expandable storage.

SmartSync Releases New Version Of The App That Turns You Into A God
SmartSync, which has been doing good business on the iPhone app store, has released an updated version that is a big improvement on the original app. When someone calls you, SmartSync displays their latest Facebook statuses or photos against the call. Say they said they were tired. When they call you you say “Wow, sorry to hear you’re feeling tired!” even before they’ve said hello. See, suddenly you’re all-knowing.

Is the Philadelphia Cell Phone Jammer a Hero or Pest?
A Philadelphia man has stirred up controversy after he frequently used a device on a public bus to create a cell phone dead zone. A reporter for NBC10 in Philadelphia recently tracked down the man, who was using a cell phone jammer on the bus to block riders’ cell phone reception. His reason — he didn’t want to listen to other people’s phone conversations. He says he turns on the illegal device whenever other passengers talk too loud and bother him.