HTC Sees Negative Smartphone Sales Trend Reversing Thanks to HTC One Phones
HTC is confident the company’s new One series smartphones will rescue the company from slowing sales, propelling it to the No.5 smartphone vendor spot and beyond. “We are confident this year will be … a much better year,” HTC’s chief of European operations Florian Seiche said to Reuters. “Even with the Q1 not being the ideal fast start right out of the gate in January, which of course we would have preferred, even with that we are very confident.”

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Sells 2 Million Galaxy Notes, Aiming for 10 Million This Year
According to Hankil Yoon (the same one who undermined Samsung’s performance in the tablet space), the company has sold two million Galaxy Note devices since their launch in October, and are aiming for 10 million by the end of 2012. With the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the recent expansion of the 5.3-inch handset into North America, this may not be such a difficult feat.

New Mobile Payment System Coming From Retailers
A new mobile phone payment system - to compete with Google Wallet and ISIS - is being built by a group of retailers that inclues Target and Wal-Mart. The group also includes drugstores, vending companies and fast-food restaurants. It's not clear if the system would use NFC, and if so, whether carriers and/or Google would permit the system to run on their NFC phones.
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How a Mobile Game Dominated the App Store Without Any Press
Draw Something, a Pictionary-like game for iOS and Android, had 1 million downloads before it had a single search result in Google News. “There was nothing written about us,” says Dan Porter, the CEO of a company called OMGPOP that created the app. “[Reporters] weren’t interested. I tried, but I couldn’t even get their attention.”