TELUS to Launch New Trade-In Program
Most carriers in Canada have some sort of device recycling program in place. The latest was Fido with FidoTRADE, basically mimicking what Best Buy and Future Shop have in their stores. Now TELUS is rolling out their initiative called the TELUS “Trade-In Program”. TELUS has partnered with eRecyclingCorps and the premise is similar – new or existing customers can take an old, unwanted, handset or accessory and depending on its condition you’ll get a certain dollar amount.

LG Optimus L3

LG announces L-style Android Phones Ahead of MWC
LG on Tuesday announced three more Android smartphones ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. The “L-style” series will feature the Optimus L3 (3.2-inch), L5 (4-inch) and L7 (4.3-inch), three smartphones for design-conscious consumers. “Design is consistently the top or second most important factor for customers when choosing a mobile phone,” president and CEO of LG Mobile Dr. Jong-seok Park said.

Twitter's Android and iOS App Get Updates
The official Twitter app has just received an update on iOS and Android, bringing new features to both platforms, plus an "optimized" Ice Cream Sandwich experience as seen above. The app is also currently available on Amazon's Appstore for the Kindle Fire now, and the company says it will pop up in the Barnes & Noble Nook Store February 23rd.

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Spectrum
Spectrum is going to be a hot issue in the upcoming year. Freeing up spectrum is a major part of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) National Broadband Plan, and last week Congress passed a law allowing TV stations to auction their spectrum to the highest bidding wireless broadband companies.