10 Apps for Finding Apps
With the bounty of apps available for mobile devices, it would take a full-time job to customize the best apps to suit our needs and populate our devices. Of course, there are the good ‘ol standbys like Facebook, Shazam, Twitter, Pulse, Angry Birds, (insert your favorite app here), but there are so many others that are worth the real estate on your phone — it’s just a matter of finding them.


Vibergrowth: 50 Million Users, 150 Million Calls And Nearly A Billion Text Messages Per Month
Viber, the smartphone app that lets people call and text other users free of charge, has recently surpassed 50 million registered users. Viber says its iPhone and Android apps are being used by people in 193 countries, who collectively make about 150 million calls on a monthly basis. Over 20 million photo messages are exchanged per month, too.

Nokia Public Transport for Symbian Shows You the Way, Can't Guarantee a Seat
Nokia's free turn-by turn navigation is great when you're lost, but what if you need to negotiate an unfamiliar train or bus system? Perhaps Espoo's new Public Transport app with its journey planning information for nearly 80 cities and urban areas (including London, Helsinki, Austin and Toronto) will see you right.

Apple Sues Samsung For 'Slide-To-Unlock' And Other Ludicrous iPhone Patent Violations
Samsung has just come out with a phone called the "Galaxy Nexus" that some people think is better than the iPhone. And Apple is claiming that the Galaxy Nexus not only poses a huge threat to Apple but ripped off several patented aspects of the iPhone. So Apple is demanding a "preliminary injunction" to stop Samsung from selling the phone.
Business Insider