Here’s the Complete Samsung Galaxy Note Pricing for Rogers, Bell and TELUS
The 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note will be arriving at Rogers, Bell and TELUS on February 14th – a lovely day for a new LTE-enabled device. TELUS’ no-contract price plan will be $779.99; 1-year will be $729.99; 2-year is $679.99 and the 3-year promo plan is $199.99. The Rogers doc shows them coming in with the lowest no-term price of $699.99, followed by the 1-year contract price of $649.99; 2-year of $599.99 and a 3-year term of $199.99. As for Bell, the no-term is $729.95 and the 3-year contract promo price is $199.99.

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Apple Hit With 250,000 Signatures Protesting Labor Conditions in China
Fair-labor organizers delivered 250,000 signatures to Apple stores in six cities around the world on Thursday in protest of the company’s working conditions in China. Apple’s main factory, Foxconn, has faced numerous accusations of providing an inhumane work environment to Chinese workers.

LinkedIn Will Introduce Ads To Mobile Apps
Facebook isn’t the only social network getting ready to monetize its mobile app with advertising. During today’s analyst call to discuss its fourth quarter earnings, LinkedIn executives said they will also be introducing advertising to their mobile apps.

Google Reportedly Prepping Free Dropbox Competitor
Google is preparing to launch a new cloud storage service that will compete directly with popular start up Dropbox and similar services. The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday evening reported that Google is almost ready to announce the new service, which will be called Google Drive.