Samsung Canada Giving Away 5 Galaxy Notes
Samsung is gearing up for the big Canadian Galaxy Note launch on February 14th – the beast of a phone/tablet will be available from TELUS, Bell and Rogers. To celebrate this momentous occasion Samsung has decided to throw a contest together and giveaway 5 Notes.

Nokia 900 White

Nokia Accidentally Reveals White Lumia 900
Nokia accidentally revealed a white Lumia 900. The picture was soon lifted from Nokia's Conversations blog, but it remains on its Facebook page, flashing an exposed micro-USB port and front-facing camera that identifies this snow-white slab as the Lumia 900 kind.

iPhone 4S Launch Sent Apple Store Sales Skyrocketing
Apple Stores are often busy and with the release of new iPhones and iPads, Apple’s retail locations become bombarded with waves of excited customers. According to Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf, the launch of the iPhone 4S sent Apple Store sales to record heights during the holiday quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2011, revenue per store reached $17.08 million, a 42.6% increase over the same quarter in 2010.

Halliburton Dumps RIM, Chooses iPhones For 4,500 Employees
To say that RIM has had a tough time these past few months is an understatement, and today’s news probably won’t help raise the morale around Waterloo. According to AppleInsider, oilfield services giant Halliburton will soon be migrating their BlackBerry-toting workforce to run exclusively on a new fleet of iPhones.