Bell Adding 5 Hours of Mobile TV to the Fab 10 $60/Month Plan
Effective tomorrow, Bell will be changing their Fab 10 $60/month rate plan around. It’ll still have the same 200 minutes, 1 GB data, Unlimited nationwide talk to 10 numbers, Unlimited text, picture and video messaging, Call Waiting and Conference Calling and Unlimited local evenings, but will now welcome the addition of 5 hours of Mobile TV viewing. Just remember that any Mobile TV overage is $1/hr.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning and Samsung form Joint Venture to Combine ‘Lotus Glass’ with OLED Displays
Samsung and Corning — best known for its Gorilla Glass products — announced a new joint venture this week that will manufacture specialty glass substrates for OLED displays. The joint venture will be based in South Korea and will combine Samsung’s OLED display technology with Corning’s ultra tough Lotus Glass substrate.

Motorola Wants 2.25 Percent of Apple’s iPhone Sales in Exchange for Use of Its p]Patents
It has been customary lately to see Samsung and Apple battling it out in court, but Motorola vs. Apple has been gaining some serious momentum. According to some documents dug up by FOSS patents, Motorola wants 2.25 percent of Apple’s iPhone sales, in exchange for licensing patents that Motorola is claiming Apple uses.

Vimeo App Lands for Windows Phone, Lets You Upload Your Next Student Film Over 3G
Vimeo is here to stream all the HD student shorts your little Microsoft-loving heart desires. The official app doesn't just let you browse, search and view clips on the site, though -- it completely integrates with your account, allowing you to upload HD video, tweak the details of your uploads and even check stats.