CIBC’s New Mobile Site is Optimized for All Smartphones
If you bank at CIBC and have a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android device you can download their app via the respected app stores. This gives you the usual features such as finding an ATM, looking up your account balances, transferring funds and contact a branch.

Sony Xperia Leaked

Leaked Sony Image: Is This the ST25i Kumquat?
It looks like one of the jilted partners in the Sony Ericsson split is doing all it can to ruin the nice surprises planned for next month's MWC. An image has appeared at Xperia Blog that purports to be of the ST25i Kumquat, which, if you've been paying attention is the cheapest of the three phones due in April listed on the leaked roadmap from a few days ago.

Another Analyst Firm Says That Windows Phone Will Beat The iPhone By 2015
Windows Phone will surpass iPhone in market share in 2015, according to research firm iSuppli.
iSuppli attributes the giant increase in market share over the next few years "largely" to the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 900.
Business Insider

Why Apple is Manufacturing Its iPhone in China, Not the U.S.
According to the Times, the decision to turn to China is in large part about scale, rather than costs. Had the iPhone been built in the U.S., the added cost for U.S. labor capital would amount to approximately $65 extra for each phone sold, but it would not be possible to innovate at the rate Apple is looking to drive change if the phone was made in the U.S.