HSBC Canada Mobile Banking App for iPhone Now Available
Majority of our Canadian banks have a mobile banking app – CIBC, TD, RBC, ING – and now HSBC. If you bank with HSBC and have an iPhone you can download the app for free.

Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S III Caught on Camera?
The unidentified phone turned up during a video that Samsung has published celebrating its CES 2012 press conference with highlights from the show. Popping up just after the 7-minute mark, the handset can be seen in the palm of an actor making use of the Samsung viewfinder app.

ZTE Reaches for the Sky, Aims to Double Phone Shipments in 2012
Talk about a New Years Resolution: ZTE's head of handset strategy Lv Qianhao, in an interview with Reuters, mentioned that in 2012 his company expects to double the number of smartphone shipments made last year, as well as expand its Windows Phone efforts.

LightSquared’s 4G LTE Network Will Always Interfere With GPS, Government Says
The announcement comes as a crushing blow for the startup, which is looking to build an LTE network with the company’s 1600MHz frequency. Preliminary testing last year showed that LightSquared’s planned network interfered with GPS. After a handful of rebuttals, changes, and more testing, the government has decided to pull the plug and request no further testing.