Google Search for Android Updated for Devices Running Froyo or Gingerbread
Quick app update here regarding the Google Search app for Android. If you have a device running OS 2.2 or OS 2.3 you should be getting a notification that the app has been updated.

Emporia phones

Hands-On: EmporiaCLICK and EmporiaSOLID
Emporia Telecom has high hopes for the emporiaCLICK and emporiaSOLID. Both offer simple designs, easy-to-use features, and focus strongly on the senior cell phone market. Both are dual-band GSM/EDGE devices supporting 850/1900MHz so they can be used on either AT&T or T-Mobile USA's networks.
Phone Scoop

Intel Medfield Atom Android Smartphone Pictures and Hands-on
The Android Gingerbread smartphone, which will be available to programmers as a development unit ahead of the big Intel mobile push (or indeed skinned and sold by phone companies) boasts a spec sheet that would put it on par with most high-end Android handsets.

Facebook Comments Box Now On Mobile, And Over 400,000 Web Sites
Now when Comments Box detects a mobile device user agent, it will automatically show the mobile version. The new soft update to the Comments Box doesn’t require any developer interaction to enable, it just works.