Rogers Discontinuing Portable Internet Service March 1st, 2012, Now Only Option for Rural Customers is a 4G HSPA+ Device
Bell and Rogers independently sell various internet products and the roll out has been slow, but certainly needed. Apparently Rogers customers who have signed up for the Portable Internet service have been informed that the service will be discontinued effective March 1st, 2012 – with the only option to switch to Rogers “4G” HSPA+ device, such as a Rocket Hub or internet stick.

Cell Phone Ban

No Calls in Cars, Even Hands-Free: NTSB Wants U.S.-Wide Cellphone Ban
That was the ruling the NTSB issued Tuesday, in what chairman Deborah A. P. Hersman called “a difficult recommendation, but the right recommendation.” Her five-member board agreed to a new set of guidelines that go far beyond laws that any states have on the books yet.

Android Leads US Market Share, iOS May Have Stopped Growing, RIM is Still Falling
NPD just published its latest plotting of the great American smartphone OS rivalry, and although the report covers annual rather than quarterly trends, it's perhaps more interesting to hold it up against the previous set of figures we saw -- those for Q2 2011.

Nokia Again Rumored to Sell Smartphone Business to Microsoft
Rumors again surfaced on Wednesday suggesting that Nokia plans to sell its smartphone business to Microsoft. Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank, issued a report to clients Wednesday morning that said Nokia will sell its smartphone division to Microsoft during the first half of 2012.