Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to Canada Q1 2012
The Samsung Galaxy Note, “a new category of product”, will be launching in Canada “early Q1 2012″. Carrier(s) are still being decided upon, but it will most likely end up being an exclusive.


Samsung Aims to Beat 2011 Smartphone Sales Estimates
A Samsung executive recently said his company has high hopes that it will beat its original 2011 smartphone sales estimates. The Samsung executive did not disclose exactly how many smartphones Samsung hopes to sell.

It’s Still A Feature Phone World: Global Smartphone Penetration At 27%
A recently released report (download) from mobile strategy firm VisionMobile takes a look at today’s mobile marketplace finding that, despite the sharp rise in smartphone shipments over 2010 and 2011, global smartphone penetration (by OS) is at just 27%.

RIM Unveils BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for Enterprise, Extends Reach to Android, iOS
In an apparent attempt to solidify its standing in the corporate world, RIM has unveiled a new platform that allows IT specialists to more tightly manage company devices -- even those from rival manufacturers like Apple and Android.