Want an iDEN Android phone with a QWERTY keypad? If so, then here’s one you should definitely keep an eye out for, the Motorola i1Q.

Motorola i1Q iDEN AndroidMorola i1Q rear

This is Moto’s newest iDEN Android phone offering, which, as you can see, sports a similar form factor as the Motorola Droid Pro. It runs on Android 2.1, packs a rear camera (rating still unknown) complete with flash, and a “not very powerful processor.” A 600MHz processor, or God forbid, something weaker? We don’t know, but what we can confirm though, thanks to this backside snapshot, is that it’s coming to Nextel.

Will this be released locally? How much will it cost? What else does it have to offer? So many questions, but unfortunately, we've got no answers at the moment. Rest assured though, once this baby is officially announced, we’ll be here to give you juicy details on this one especially it's confirmed coming to Canada as well.