We already know that the new Google phone, the Nexus S, will be coming to Canada. Who will be offering it up though is another story altogether. However, thanks to Mobilicity CEO Dave Dobbin, we now have a list of carriers who will have the Nexus S as part of their line-up. Mobilicity is definitely there. The Nexus S they’ll be getting will be AWS band-friendly.

Google Nexus S

It won't be an exclusive item though. He adds, “and Bell, TELUS and Rogers will have it. I mean everybody will have the phone. So nothing special about it… it will be all over the place… so the Nexus S will I think will be available in March.

So, unlike the Nexus One which hit the Canadian pretty late in the game and is only available on a handful of carriers, the Nexus S will not only debut a lot earlier than its predecessor, but more importantly, will be “all over the place.” This should good news Nexus S hopeful owners out there who are very particular about the carrier they sign-up with.

Now, let’s just hope that the pricing won’t be the bearer of bad news.