The title already says it all. OneNote, Microsoft’s famed note-taking Office app, is now available on the iOS platform.

OneNote for iOS

This new iPhone app allows users to create, edit, and sync notes as well as share pictures online, which should be a welcome treat iPhone-toting OneNote users. This only works though with iPhone units running on iOS 4.2. So, if you still haven’t upgraded your iPhone’s firmware and want to try OneNote out, now’s the time to do so. OneNote is currently free at the App Store, but do hurry, this is just an introductory offer only. We don’t know how long it’ll remain free of charge. A Windows Live ID is also required to use OneNote mobile.

For the record, while Microsoft may already have several iOS apps out, OneNote is the Microsoft's first Office app for the iPhone. Is this the first of many or will it be the lone one? We’re not quite sure, but if what a Microsoft executive shared with BGR holds true even for the iOS platform, we might see more Office apps hitting the App Store soon.

To download OneNote for your iPhone, just click here to be redirected accordingly to the App Store.