In this newest Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone-related news, Chinese site TGBus previews the now-called XPERIA Play Android handset.

XPERIA Go vs other Android phones game consoles

More importantly, it also gets shown off along with other Android devices including the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and X10 Mini Pro, and portable gaming consoles such as Sony PSP, PSP Go, Ninendo DS, and Game Boy Advance giving us a good idea of how small or big it actually is. As expected, the XPERIA Play’s size is nearest to that of the PSP Go.


While size may not be much of a factor between the two devices, the XPERIA Play does have the advantage over Sony’s UMD-less version of the PSP. Its display resolution is much higher (Playstion Phone: 854x480 vs PSP Go: 480x272), packs a more powerful processor (1GHz vs 333MHz), and more RAM (512MB vs 64MB).

XPERIA Play gameplay

They also tried out a 3rd party game emulator on it, and found that roughly 70% of games worked flawlessly on it. Yes, 70% is far from being perfect, but hey, this is probably why this baby still isn’t official yet. They’re probably still trying to fix these issues before finally unveiling this hotly rumored device to the public.

Once Sony Ericsson iron the kinks out, the XPERIA Play will truly be one heck of a gaming phone. It will offer users the best of both worlds - PSP gaming and the joys of owning an Android phone complete with access to millions of apps available that are now at the Android Market. Hopefully, it's still on-track to meet its supposed launch date at the MWC next month.