Here are new photos of the yet-to-be-official Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone. In this latest round of pics, we finally get to see it show off some XPERIA branding which sort of confirms that this will actually be launched as the XPERIA Play.


Thanks to these snapshots, we can also lay to rest the issue of what Android version it runs on. Previous rumors hinted at Android 3.0 as its OS. Now, unless the OS installed on these units isn’t final yet, it’s more or less a lock for Android 2.3.

XPERIA Play Android 2.3

This side-by-side photo of it with the XPERIA X12 likewise gives us an idea of how big it is.

XPERIA Play with X12

Unfortunately though, there’s still no new info on when it’ll be launched and released. Be that as it may, based on how more polished it looks in these photos, we reckon it’s on-track for an MWC debut just like we heard.

For more pics of the XPERIA Play, you can head on over here.