Here’s something that’ll definitely add fuel to the Verizon iPhone rumor that resurfaced last week. A company called Verizon Trademark Services LLC has been discovered to have bought the domain and


To cast further doubt aside as to whether this has anything to do with US carrier Verizon, this is also the same company who’s responsible for registering the domain name. Interesting turn of events, huh?

If you visit any of the two sites though, it doesn't lead to any official Verizon page. Could this be just a trademark issue or a prelude for the launching of the much talked about CMDA/Verizon iPhone possibly in February? It could more of the former rather than the latter, but one thing's for sure, this certainly's got us intrigued.


UPDATE: You can chuck this one under the unrelated Verizon iPhone news bin. According to Macrumors, the acquisition actually took place way back in 2008 before the whole Verizon iPhone rumor hit big time.

They do, however, still believe that a Verizon-bound iPhone will be launched soon though this domain name registration has nothing to do with it.