We still can't confirm if the dual-core Tegra 2-powered LG Optimus 2X will indeed hit the US this coming February via T-Mobile, but if this new rumor is true, we might not have to wait for LG’s newest offering to be released in the US to get our hands on a Tegra 2 beast. Intomobile just got a tip the Motorola Olympus will be officially launched by AT&T next week at CES. Rumor it is, but highly possible.

Motorola Olympus

Unfortunately though, aside from its dual-core 1GHz processor, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Motorola Olympus so we really can’t say if it’s really as good as the recently announced LG Optimus 2X. We know it’ll come with a rear- and front-facing camera but its rating is still a mystery. It’s also reported to come with Android 2.3 but just like its built-in imaging sensors, this is yet to be verified.

Anyway, CES is just around the corner so we’ll know soon enough find if the Motorla Olympus is truly a worthy alternative to the speed-demon LG Optimus 2X.