BlackBerry Curve 3GWe know that a number of existing BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Curve 3G will be getting an appropriate BlackBerry 6 upgrade in due time, but since announcing their newest mobile platform version, RIM’s been pretty mum on its availability. Thankfully, carriers aren’t as secretive as the smartphone maker. Case and point, Telus has just revealed over their Twitter Telus Support account that the BlackBerry 6 upgrade for the BlackBerry 9300 aka Curve 3G will begin to roll out in “early January.

This was in response to an inquiry on when the BlackBerry 6 upgrade for the Bold 9700 will become available. Unfortunately, they didn’t have info on the Bold 9700 yet, but they were gracious enough to share what they know so far about the BlackBerry 6 upgrade.

Good news to end the year for Curve 3G owners. All we’re waiting for now is a specific release date.