Do you own a Samsung Wave S8500? If you’re one of those who got enticed to get Sammy’s first Bada offering, here’s some good news for you.

Samsung Wave Bada

Samsung has just announced over Twitter that they’ll be rolling out a Bada 1.2 upgrade for the Wave. It’ll first be available in Europe during the early part of 2011 with hitting other countries sometime in Q1.

Bada 1.2 features several UI changes, improved security, and T9 Trace input, Samsung’s Swype alternative. It all sounds pretty good, but what we’re more interested to find out is whether or not the very first Bada phone will be eligible for the newer Bada 2.0 .

The Samsung Wave is currently available on Rogers and Bell. We’ll have more on this Bada 1.2 upgrade once local availability gets announced.