skypephoneSkype’s been available on the iPhone for quite sometime now, but unfortunately, one of its more popular features – video calling – didn’t make it to the app version. However, that might soon change come 2011. Word is they’ll be rolling out video-calling support for their iPhone app, and the big announcement will be made at CES.

How’d this news come about? Well, Skype made it pretty clear they’ll be making a “series of video-related announcements” next month at the annual tech event, but the iPhone bit just came about when a tutorial page on Skype’s site unexpectedly went live detailing that video-calling will soon be available on the iOS platform. With this bit of news, we’re certainly not ruling out the possibility that video-calling will also find its way to Skype’s other mobile iterations.

Video calling on the iPhone 4 is already possible via FaceTime, but I’m sure users wouldn’t mind having an alternative with Skype. That’s about if for now. Rest assured though, we’ll be reporting the juicy details once everything’s made official at CES in January 2011.