BlackBerry App World carrier billing is now officially available in Canada via Telus. This is one of the new treats BlackBerry App World 2.0 has to offer, and while it may have taken them sometime to roll out it locally, we’re thanking the high heavens (or the powers that be) that it’s now finally here.

Telus BlackBerry App World carrier billing

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. They actually mentioned this already back in September in a press release announcing the BlackBerry Torch. So now, you have three options by which you can pay for your BlackBerry apps - via Paypal, credit card, and through Telus.

Telus, for the record, is the first and currently only carrier to support this app-purchasing scheme, and though we’re yet not sure if the other carriers will be following their lead, we’re optimistic that some of them will do.