We know that the lucky folks over in the Europe are next in line after the Koreans to get the speed demon LG Optimus 2X Android, but it appears that LG has decided to cut the waiting time even further by announcing that it too will be debuting there next month

LG Opimus 2X Tegra 2 Android phone

LG has confirmed that their newest and meanest Adnroid phone will be hitting European stores beginning in January. Interestingly though, the announcement was made via a press release which focused more on their new partnership with acclaimed movie composer Ennio Morricone who will be creating exclusive ringtones for LG’s new smartphones. Not the most ideal announcement, but an announcement nonetheless. No exact date was mentioned, but at least its now confirmed to be coming, and coming much sooner than originally expected.

It’s North American availability is yet to be known, but last we heard, it might be debuting on T-Mobile sometime either in late February or early March. Rest assured though, we’ll keep you guys posted once we get new info on this matter.

For now, if you’re planning a trip to Europe soon, treat this as a heads up that you might be able to snag this Tegra 2 beast beginning next month.