Microsoft has finally released some sales figures for their newest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. So, how’d they fare?

Windows Phone 7 handsets in Canada

Since launching in October in Europe and the Asia Pacific region and early November in the US and Canada, they’re proud to report manufacturers have managed to sell over 1.5 million units in a span of six weeks to carriers and retailers. Not bad for a company who’s gotten a bad rap over the years and striving to make a comeback. It is, however, still a far cry from what Apple was able to achieve with the iPhone 4 - moving twice as many units in half the time - and isn't really a good indication as to how many units were actually sold to consumers. Still, it’s a respectable feat, and this will no doubt still improve as time goes by with more phone makers and carriers hopping on-board and additional models hitting the market soon.

Microsoft has (in a way) hurdled their first task – successfully launching Windows Phone 7. Now, on to the bigger challenge of keeping users satisfied (and loyal) so that they can capitalize on the early momentum they got going for them.