Sony’s just made an official announcement and it has something to do with their popular Playstation gaming system. No, it’s not yet the often-leaked rumored Zeus Z1 aka Playstation Phone though it could be somewhat related to it.

Sony Playstation app for iPhone

What is it? It’s the official Sony Playstation app for the iPhone and Android platfrorm. Will this app allow users to play PS games on the iPhone/Android system? That’s what I though at first, but sorry, the answer is no. So what does it actually do? This is basically sort of the Game Center for PlayStation aficionados. It allows you to check your PlayStation Network trophies, get the latest news on the latest games and hardware, stay connected with your friend’s games and whether or not they’re online as well as read announcements from the European PlayStation Blog.

Playstation app for Android

This app will first be available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, and will soon support other Sony Computer Entertainment Europe countries. This is compatible with iPhone (and iPod Touch) units running on iOS 4 or above and Android phones running on OS version 1.6 or later. No word about the US so we’re assuming this will only be available in Europe.

So what's this got to do with the Zues Z1? This could be totally unrelated, but we can't help question the timing of it all. With all the rumors surrounding the upcoming debut of the PlayStation phone, this could be the precedent before the big event - the launching of the PSP Phone. True or not, hopefully we'll find out much sooner than later.