Rogers has just introduced two new Data Share Add-ons for their current subscribers: a $15 plan on a monthly basis, and a $20 plan good for 3-years. Both data add-ons come with unlimited social networking via the primary device, and also allow users to share between 1GB to 5GB of data to other devices. The main distinction between the two is that the latter is meant for those looking for a discount on a new mobile internet device such as a netbook or Rocket stick.

Rogers Data share Add-on

This comes in light of the growing popularity of tablets and netbooks not all of which feature 3G connectivity. With either of these two new plans, existing Rogers subscribers can now share their mobile internet connection with these other devices for as little as $15/month. For more on this, you can check it out over at Rogers.

In related news, Rogers likewise confirmed they’ll be carrying the BlackBerry Playbook, RIM’s very first tablet offering, once it’s released. Given that this baby only comes with WiFi connectivity, this will be one of those devices that will stand to benefit from (and will most likely be bundled with) one of these a Data Share Add-ons. The BlackBerry Playbook will be the second tablet in Rogers' line-up after the successful debut of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

No word yet though on when it will specifically roll out to the public, but they did note that a 3G-capable model will be coming soon. We’ll have more on this once additional info becomes available.