How many Windows Phone 7devices have been sold to date? Microsoft is still mum on the exact figure. However, based on the number of Facebook users using both the WP7 built-in app and dedicated Facebook app, this is, at the very least, in the 135,000 area (135,134 if you want the exact number). Given that not all Windows Phone 7 users actually use Facebook, the real number of WP7 devices sold globally so far is still higher than this.

Windows Phone 7 handsets in Canada

Not that impressive if you compare it to the likes of the iPhone 4 and LG Optimus One both of which hit the 1 million mark in record fashion, but still, a respectable figure especially for a platform that’s striving to make a comeback this year.

The sales are good, but if you consider the results of GfK’s new survey to be valid, getting users to buy WP7-based handsets is just the first step. The bigger challenge for Microsoft is to convince users to remain on the platform. Oh well, that’s a different story altogether. At least they’re getting people to buy Windows Phone 7, and with the holidays fast approaching, sales will still definitely go up.