GfK, the same company who came out with a study revealing that Android had already overtaken Symbian in Asia while excluding huge markets (China and India) in the region, has come out with a new survey. This time around, it concerns brand loyalty.

Smartphone loyalty survey

Posted over at Reuters, according to their findings, only 44% of smartphone owners were loyal to their chosen OS. Of this figure, Apple had the most devoted follower with 59% committing to iOS. BlackBerry users came in next at 35% while Android users landed in third place with 28%. Nokia's Symbian and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone users came in at fourth and fifth place with 24% and 21% respectively.

We’re not sure though at how credible this new study is given they only surveyed 2,653 people across Brazil, Britain, Germany, China, and the US. Be that as it may, if the results are indeed legit, we’re really not that surprise that iOS has the most loyal users given that Apple fan boys are hardcore die-hard aficionados of Cupertino.

Since Canada wasn't part of the survey, let's do one of our own: what smartphone brand are you using, and will you stay loyal to it?