Android has finally beaten Symbian and taken over the top spot in the smartphone OS standings! Well, not globally yet, but as far as most parts of Asia is concerned, this is the situation based on the findings of market research company GfK.

Mobile OS marketshare in Asia

A total of 4.6 million Android phones were sold in Q3 (that’s the period between July to September), which was good enough for them to overtake Nokia’s Symbian in most parts of Asia. Conversely, while Android is on the rise, Symbian, on the other hand, is on a steady decline since Q3 of last year. For the past few quarters, Symbian's performance was decent enough for them to retain the pole position, but it was just only a matter of time before Android eventually caught up with them.

With Symbian now surrendering their leadership in one of the biggest markets in the world several markets in Asia, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Android becomes the most dominant smartphone operating system globally by the first half of next year if not earlier.


UPDATED: The countries included in the study only include Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Sorely missing are China and India are huge markets which, if included, could totally influence the results in another direction.