When it comes to app store metrics, the usual suspects are Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Markets. Surprisingly though, Nokia is nowhere in the mix despite having an app store of their own and being the number one phone manufacturer in the world.

Ovi Store

Today, however, they’ve taken the liberty of letting everyone know that they’re still very much in the game. In fact, best on their latest announcement, their Ovi Store currently enjoy 3 million downloads each day. Pretty impressive, right? Well, on its own, yes, but when compared to App Store, that still pails in comparison with Apple’s 10 million downloads per day. Actually, given their market base, we were sort of expecting a better showing on their part. Be that as it may, it’s still a pretty impressive feat especially considering that the Ovi Store only has a mediocre 18,000 app to offer as opposed to the App Store which is closing in on the 300,000 mark.

Not surprising, among the top 3 most downloaded apps in Ovi Store include the App Store’s hall of famer game, Angry Birds, second only to Q Torch with Need for Speed Shift HD in third place. For more on this, you can get all the juicy tidbits at Nokia Conversations.