Can’t wait for the white iPhone 4 to be released? Well, if you’re that desperate, you might want to check out WhiteiPhone4Now where a resourceful young lad is selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits to interested buyers. That’s right folks. If you’re tired of waiting for Apple to roll out theirs, you can now make one for yourself. That is, of course, if you already own an iPhone 4.


The story goes, according to, Fei Lam, a high school senior, got tipped on where to buy white iPhone 4 parts. Seeing the opportunity in the situation, he decided not only to get one for himself, but enough to turn it into a lucrative business. It’s turned out into quite a cash cow as he’s already reportedly sold $130,000 worth of parts since last August, good enough to help him pay for his college education.

Interested? The full conversion kit, which includes both the front and back panel complete with opening tools, protective case and screen protector, is retailing for $279. Getting only the back panel costs $135 while the front panel and home button bundles is priced at $169. It’s somewhat pricey, but considering that the white iPhone 4 is still nowhere to be found, I’m pretty sure some of you guys out there are more than willing to pay the said amount just to convert your standard black iPhone 4 to its white counterpart.