Here it is folks, snapshots of the Nexus Two, or at least what used to be called that. Proving true a previous report divulging that this rumored device will be called something else, it’s now more or less confirmed that this Samsung-manufactured Gooogle-branded mobile phone will debut as the Nexus S. It’s model name, based on photos posted over at Picasa, is the GT-i9020.

Nexus SNexus S rear

Apart from the front-facing camera and flash to complement its rear-facing camera, its specs are pretty scarce at the moment. However, thanks to an FCC filing and Wi-Fi Alliance certification, we’re looking at single-band 802.11b/g/n and AWS 3G as some of its connectivity features once it becomes official. If the rumors that this ne Nexus phone is a close relative of the Samsung Galaxy S family are true, then we can also expect a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, Bluetooh 3.0, and 16GB of internal memory to be thee as well. There is also no reason to doubt that it won't have a fresh install of Gingerbread on-board as its OS, but we'll see.

No word yet on its price or availability, but since it sports AWS 3G bands, T-Mobile is the likely carrier who will offer this one up in the US. That’s about it for now, but do check back soon as we’ve got a feeling that we’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks. More pictures can be found here.