BlackBerry Bold 9780RIM’s newest Bold series smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9780, is now finally available for retail in Canada. It’s now available on both Rogers and Telus, the two carriers confirmed to be offering up this particular the Bold 9780 in Canada. Telus has the better 3-yr contract price for this new Bold smartphone at $99.99 since Rogers has theirs $50 more expensive at $149.99. Outright purchase price on both carriers is $499.99. You can check out Rogers’ Bold 9780 here while you can head on over here for Telus’.

The BlackBerry 9780 is an upgraded version of the Bold 9700. It runs on BlackBerry 6 and comes with more RAM, 512MB to be exact, and a better camera, 5-megapixels, as compared to its predecessor. We’re also expecting this baby to be released on Bell and Virgin Mobile. We’ve don’t know about Bell, but according to Mobilesyrup, Virgin Mobile will be outing their Bold 9780 offering this Friday, November 12.