Here’s an interesting study conducted by SquareTrade, a company that provides warranty to a number of devices. They’ve come out with a report rounding up the top smartphones with the least failure rate over a span of 12 months, and low and behold, the iPhone 4 came out as the most reliable device.

SquareTrade Failure Rate table

This is, of course, just a projection since the latest iPhone has only been for less than 6 months, but still, 2.1% malfunction rate is quite an impressive feat. The problem is, though, the iPhone 4 is also the one with he highest accident rate at 13.8%. It’s pretty reliable alright, but it also is the device most at risk of getting damaged by accident no thanks to its glass-covered front and back panel. Not far behind it are the phones made by Motorola. They’re second to the iPhone 4 in both categories – 2.3% malfunction rate and 12.2% accident rate. The iPhone 3G S is tied with Motorola as far as malfunction rate is concerned, but has a lower accident rate at 9.4%. HTC smartphones, for its part, is tied with Motorola with regards to accident rate, but has a higher malfunction rate at 3.7%. BlackBerry devices are the most durable ones with just 6.7% accident rate, but unfortunately, is also more prone to malfunction as well.

We’re not quite sure we fully agree with this report, but the result are quite interesting to say the least. So, how does this affect us consumers? We highly doubt these findings will seriously influence consumers' buying decisions though this will certainly be something quite handy to keep in mind the next time you head out in search for your next smartphone. You can read the full report here.