Like what you see? Well, unfortunately, this is just a mock-up. The good news is, however, this might not be that far off from reality.

Palm new webOS devices

After some digging, the guys over at WebOS Internals stumbled upon references to not one, but five devices in the SFR webOS 2.0 code. The five codenames are as follows: Stingray, Mantaray, Windsor, Broadway, and Roadrunner. Of the five, the last one, Roadrunner, is the only one that’s not a mystery as it’s already proven to be the codename used for the now official Palm Pre 2. Broadway, for its part, has been rumored in the past to be referring to the Palm Pixi’s successor, aptly named the Pixi 2, though there’s still no strong evidence to support this. So, that’s a total of 4 unconfirmed devices we can look forward to.

We don’t know yet if and when HP-Palm plans to announce these new goodies, but we certainly wouldn’t mind if it happened much sooner than later especially with the holidays rearing its cheerful head just around the corner.