Here’s a first look at what could be Nokia’s next mobile phone offering, the Nokia X2-01. It’s another QWERTY-equipped handset though falls short of being a smartphone due to its limited features.

Nokia X2-01

According to Mobile-review, the Nokia X2-01 comes with a 320x240 resolution TFT display, 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, 42MB internal memory expandable via microSD card, and runs on the S40 platform. Sorely missing are 3G and WiFi connectivity, and a flash to complement its camera.

We’re still clueless as to when this baby might be released and its price, but given its underwhelming specs, it shouldn’t be surprising if the X2-01, if that really is its name, will be more on the affordable side of the pricing spectrum. It's really got nothing noteworthy that'll make it worth looking forward to here except for it possibly being a new option for those searching for a messaging device. Anyway, we’ll have more on this once additional info becomes available.